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The Taurus/Scorpio axis is ruled by Venus and Mars (Pluto) and, like the Cancer/Capricorn axis, relates to the very early developmental period of attachment and bonding. (1) As the axis of ownership and exchange, the tension across this axis concerns the relationship between giving and receiving, and the natural rhythms of incorporation and elimination, retention […]

 What I tried to do in my books Planetary Combination and Planetary Strength was to provide an approach to interpreting natal horoscopes which begins by looking at the overall pattern of the chart/personality (in terms of aspects and configurations – groups of three or more planets in mutual aspect); and then, once the general picture […]

“The combination of crystals and your visual birth chart is a potent one. Crystals are unique tools for clearing old energies, bringing in new, higher frequencies and helping to open us up to our true potential and for supporting us on that journey. In this practical, experiential retreat we will be using crystals to explore […]

Full Moon in Aquarius – August 7th 2017 The Time is NOW, everything we have been preparing for is waiting outside our door, all we have to do is open it! Over the last few months, or well, lifetimes, we have been preparing for this August transformation. We have been challenged, awakened and emptied to […]

  At first it was twenty years (ago today), then thirty years, then forty, and now it’s fifty years since the release of this famous Beatles album. As time recedes this record rises like a landmark from the multicolour haze of the 1960s if not of the entire history of popular music, and it’s still […]

Bob Makransky is the author of Planetary Strength, Planetary Aspects and Planetary Combination. Regular readers of his work will be familiar with his uncompromising stance. Enjoy.   Materialistic science,1 like most fundamentalist religions, is extremely unreasoning and bigoted. When confronted with phenomena which don’t fit its presuppositions, it closes its eyes and pretends that such […]

The Cancer/Capricorn axis is ruled by the Moon and Saturn. As the axis of structure, the tension across this axis concerns the relationship between the parent and the child, the container and the contained, dependency and self sufficiency.  According to personality theory[1], this axis relates to the very early developmental period of attachment and bonding. […]

Clare Martin is the author of the beginner series of books, Mapping the Psyche volumes 1, 2 and 3 which focus on the psychological approach to astrology. In this Introduction to a series of articles she explains exactly what personality theory is. Further articles will focus on the 6 axes within the astrological chart, showing […]

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