Oscar Hofman

Oscar Hofman lives in Gorinchem, The Netherlands and practises all the branches of traditional astrology: medical, natal, electional, horary and mundane. He is the founder of the International School of Classical Astrology which offers a full training program in the tradition (horary, electional, natal, medical and mundane, available in six languages) followed by students in more than 30 countries around the world. He travels widely to teach, especially in Eastern Europe and the German speaking countries and has clients in many countries.
He has written four books (Classical Medical Astrology, Fixed Stars and Classical Horary Astrology), which have been published in six languages; he was the first European astrologer to be translated into Chinese.

Email: oshofman@xs4all.nl
Website (with a blog focusing on the fixed stars, in Dutch, French and English): www.pegasus-advies.com

Go here to watch Oscar discussing his chart with Ana Isabel.


Ana Isabel of Lightways Astrology talks to Oscar Hofman about the importance of using fixed stars in the chart

Oscar talks to Ana Isabel about his chart

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