Growing Pains: Astrology in Adolescence PRE-ORDER. DUE 20TH OCTOBER

Alex Trenoweth


The mere mention of the word ‘teenager’ can strike fear into the heart of the bravest soul, and yet there are some truly heroic individuals who make it a life-long mission to teach them. Alex Trenoweth is one such teacher. She also happens to be an astrologer. Her official subjects are Religious Studies, History and English,
but from reading Growing Pains you will quickly find that her true passion is the actual students themselves.

Using the cycles of Jupiter and Saturn she untangles the confusing conundrum of why groups of students are so different from each other year on year, and sometimes even within year groups. How is an already overworked teacher supposed to cope with this ongoing challenge? Alex Trenoweth has the answer.

Weight 400 g
  • ISBN 13: 9781910531228

Since writing Growing Pains, Alex Trenoweth has travelled across the globe—from the UK to the US to South Africa, India, Australia and very soon, South America—lecturing on the topic of astrology and education.

Her passion for teaching difficult adolescents, her sound research based on statistical analysis on pupil behaviour, a keen eye for observation as well as a deep love of astrology all contributed to her being voted ‘Best International Astrologer of the Year 2015’ by the Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology in Kolkata, India.

She may be in frequent demand at astrology conferences around the world, but she remains happiest in the