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December 2002/January 2003

The State of Astrology

by Jeff Jawer
This popular author offers his take on where things stand in the field of astrology at the turn of the 21st century. By using this topic to introduce his own ideas about where we should go from here, he gives us food for thought, indeed.

Saturn’s Perihelion in 2003
by Gary P. Caton
Leaving the opposition to Pluto, Saturn reaches perihelion in 2003 – the point in its orbit where it is closest to the Sun. Mars will also be at perihelion around the same time. What does this combination promise for the year ahead?

Top Ten Astro-Events of 2003
by Tem Tarriktar
Here is a brief look at ten significant astrological events that will get our attention – personally and collectively – in the upcoming year, including how they might affect the current U.S. administration.

Quick Timing Techniques for On-the-Spot Decisions
by Maria Kay Simms
In a hurry for a horary? Need to electrify your electional selections? This experienced astrologer shares her “quick-and-dirty” system for choosing the best moments to take action – especially in business situations, where her savvy really shines. Using these tools, you can have the time of your life!

Learning to Love Mercury Retrograde
by Jenni Stone
How refreshing to see the Trickster’s backward travel in a new light! Instead of stubbornly resisting the retrograde energy and cursing the inevitable snafus, we can use this time for reflection and reconnection.

Process Astrology: Toward a Positive Here and Now
by Bee Smith
This astrologer makes a strong case for positive thinking. Keeping an astro-journal can help us to change our habit of seeing astrological influences as negative, and we can learn to accept the “gift” of a so-called hard transit in the form of (sigh) another growth opportunity.

Additional Features

A Question of Vocation
by Brian Clark
Is work what we do or who we are? Brian Clark addresses the chart factors affecting vocation and offers rich examples to illustrate how the astrologer can facilitate a client’s discovery of his or her true vocation.

The Work You Were Born to Do: Career in the Vedic Chart
by Linda Johnsen
Vedic astrologers often look way beyond the natal (rasi) chart to find clues to one’s destiny. Here, the author shows you what to look for, both in the natal chart and the tenth-harmonic chart, so that you can use this Eastern perspective to find your own optimal career path.

Moonwatching, Part Eight: The Last Quarter Moon
by Dana Gerhardt
This “wobbly” period is a time when change must happen – whether or not we choose to go with the flow. Dana contrasts the First Quarter’s waxing square with the Last Quarter’s waning square, to illuminate this lunar phase.

J. R. R. Tolkien’s Inner Tree
by Frédérique Boele
In a follow-up to the introduction to harmonics, featured in the previous issue, the author uses this technique to investigate – and possibly rectify – the natal chart of the beloved author of The Lord of the Rings.

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