Sex and the Outer Planets

Barbara H. Watters


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This fascinating book focuses on the influence of the planets in general sexual attitudes and in the charts of individuals. It features chapters on:

Sexual attitudes of European civilisation: the predatory male, sex as sin, the female principle as evil.

Sexual attitudes in the USA: emerging matriarchy, guns and money as substitutes for sex.

Sexual distortions of Saturn: sadism, guilt and eroticism.

Sexual distortion of Jupiter: voyeurism, exhibitionism, promiscuity.

Uranus as a sex significator: homosexuality, rebellion, fanaticism.

Neptune as a sex significator: masochism, impotence, narcissism, fanaticism, drugs.

Pluto as a sex significator: violence, rape, the criminal gang, group sex.

Pluto and genius: sublimation of sex and violence.


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