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Latest Titles from the Wessex Astrologer



The Tenth Planet: Revelations from the Astrological Eris

by Henry Seltzer

This book was literally years in the writing, and, my goodness it shows. There was a lot of excitement when Eris was first discovered, but as Henry was writing this he realised there were more and more case histories he could use, and as his understanding of the Eris archetype deepened he delayed producing the final manuscript until he was happy there was enough material to validate his findings. There is so much to read here; in depth case histories of feminists, poets, playwrights, actors; an Appendix on the bearing of Eris on historical events. A truly amazing and delightful labour of love.


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Under a Sacred Sky: Essays on the Practise and Philosophy of Astrology

by Ray Grasse

The author is well known as one of the editors of The Mountain Astrologer, but he is also a prolific writer in his own right. Here he draws together a wide range of articles that have been published through the years, including the top mistakes made by astrologers, astrology and the chakras and a new, previously unpublished chapter on planetary stations - a fascinating topic which isn't widely covered in other books. A lot here to enjoy for all levels of astrological ability.


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Planetary Hours

by Bob Makransky

The Planetary Hours are an ancient astrological system for selecting favorable times to act (and avoiding unfavorable times), by assigning planetary rulers to the twenty-four hours of the day. This book has easy-to-follow instructions for finding your birthday and birth hour rulers, and clearly explains how these determine your personality and your luck.


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