I’m a Musician, Get Me Out of Here! How our music reflects our birth chart by Ben Cahill

In an era when our world is experiencing major change and upheaval in most industries, it’s curious to observe that our music is expressing the increasing rebellious nature (Aquarius) of the collective, more specifically in song lyrics.

Over recent months we’ve had some chart topping songs from well established artists out in the mainstream as well as newcomers who sing about freedom (Sagittarius) and maintaining individuality in an increasingly conformist world (Aquarius).

In this piece I will be looking at the charts of Ed Sheeran (Aquarius), Miley Cyrus (Sagittarius) and Matt Cahill of Blue Spirit (Aquarius), and also selecting stand-out songs that illustrate the points I wish to make. One of the points being that our Sun signs as well as other parts of our charts shine through our music whether we realise it or not.

Ed Sheeran

There isn’t a recorded birth time for Ed Sheeran on Astrobank so we have to go by his chart quite loosely, however we can pick out some immediate traits that translate into his music. Ed Sheeran was born on 17th February 1991 under the sign of Aquarius and what’s immediately striking is his grand trine in water, indicating a vibrant inner emotional life and an ability to reflect deeply on life’s experiences. Perfect for song-writing in fact.

Ed Sheeran: 17 February 1991, Hebden Bridge, England.

Some signature Aquarian themes in his songs include not fitting in and trying to maintain individuality within the crowd. ‘I Don’t Care’ touches upon this with lyrics like “Don’t think I fit in at this party, everyone’s got so much to say, yeah I always feel like I’m nobody, who wants to fit in anyway?” Note that Saturn is in early Aquarius at 01° 11’, indicating his need to try and standout from the crowd but not wanting to alienate himself completely. He may experience the pull of wanting to be unique but not wanting to abandon the group. It’s about finding the balance.

“We don’t fit in well, ‘cause we are just ourselves, I could use some help getting out of this conversation here” and “This is my only fear that we become beautiful people”. Lyrics from his song ‘Beautiful People’ that so clearly highlight the Aquarian and Uranian need for individuality and originality. Not wanting to slip into the mediocrity and conform to the rest of the crowd as a clone. Mercury square Pluto could make it hard for Ed to stay positive about this dilemma, possibly expressing it with a harsh tongue. ‘I Don’t Care’ may well be the edited end product.

 We can also see from the chart that Saturn is the final dispositor, underlining that in spite of his need individuality he also craves financial security, and in the ever-changing world of music, an element of stability.

In the Age of Aquarius we’re promised a complete overhaul of our systems and ways of doing things. Maybe another theme of this age is to discover our own individuality while engaging with the masses. Ed is clearly wrestling with this idea first-hand in the midst of rising fame.

Matt Cahill  

Matt Cahill was born 18th February 1993, an Aquarian like Sheeran. Fortunately we have a birth time so the Ascendant and Moon are accurate. An impulsive, fiery Aries rising and an emotionally controlled Moon in detriment in Capricorn. A grand fire trine is also clear in the chart, signifying bold creativity and enthusiasm. An ideal mix for someone musically inclined. Interestingly, Saturn is also his final dispositor.

Matt Cahill 18 February 1993 8.50 am GMT Reading, England

Miley Cyrus

Moving away from the Aquarian energy for a minute it’s time to focus on another out-spoken sign of the zodiac, and one that’s not too fond of the rules. Miley Cyrus was born on the 23rd November 1992 in the sign of Sagittarius, the truth seeker and maker of their own rules.

Miley Cyrus 23 November 1992 16:19 CST Nashville, Tennessee

Miley’s music industry career hasn’t exactly been low-key, however she has cleverly marketed herself without too much excess or restraint. This might be down to her Jupiter/Saturn trine, which some might say is a fortunate placement. Freedom in moderation. On the negative side Jupiter squares Venus suggesting that Miley may chase pleasure and enjoyment, forgetting her obligations and responsibilities. This is reinforced by Venus ruled Libra being in Jupiter. With all this in the mix we must remember that Venus is in Capricorn leading us back to Saturn. The call to get back in line is never far away.

Miley’s track ‘Mother’s Daughter’ illustrates the Sagittarian insistence on freedom with a key set of lyrics in the song. “Don’t mess with my freedom.” One might interpret that as creative freedom, noting that her Jupiter is in the 5th house of Leo, creating an even stronger drive to be artistically free. “Swish swish, I’m a three point shooter.” The feisty Sagittarian firing her creative arrows into the musical realm. One can’t help but think that her North Node requires her to focus on firing one arrow to sharpen her creative expression rather than spread her ideas too thinly (South Node in Gemini).

It’s curious to note that Miley’s Taurus rising strives for personal stability in contrast to her apparent need for artistic freedom of expression. This area of her life is anything but stable and constantly changing. Sometimes it seems her ‘get-it-out-there’ 7th house Sun goes overboard, as evidenced by her live performances on stage, however she may now be learning that Fatherly Saturn is always waiting in the wings, reminding her to not get too carried away; her Taurus rising closely following Saturns lead.

Perhaps Miley’s 2013 hit ‘We Can’t Stop’ sums up the Aquarian and Sagittarian essence the best when she sings “Doing whatever we want, this is our house, this is our rules”.

Maybe that’s the theme running through all of these charts and possibly a worldly theme right now. We all want our individual freedom of self expression, yet Saturn is asking us not to forget the responsibilities we each share towards the collective.

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