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A unique and beautiful lunar and astrology wall calendar for 2022 which follows the seasonal cycle and features sacred sites in the moonlight. Our Astro Moon Calendar shows the phases of the Moon each day, astronomical events and an astrological forecast for each month. The circular design shows the Moon phases set against the astrological […]

This beautifully designed, full colour, clear and concise Moon Diary is absolutely packed with all the lunar and astrological information for 2022. Suitable for those just interested in the Moon and her cycle as well as professional astrologers. The diary celebrates the eight fire festivals throughout the year observing nature through the seasons. Its innovative […]

This gorgeous Silver MOON CALENDAR poster shows the phase of the Moon each day for 2022 with the Moons printed in silver ink. Features the gorgeous sacred stones of The Twelve Apostles in Yorkshire. Includes: phase of the Moon each day sign the Moon occupies each day full Moon and new Moon times eclipse information […]

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