At The Wessex Astrologer we take great pride in the quality and diversity of the books we publish and the fact that we are the European distributors for the wonderful magazine that is The Mountain Astrologer. For more information on how to subscribe, go here.

We have over 100 titles in print – and more to follow – which are available through distributors all over the world; you can see our full range here. We also have a comprehensive search facility – just enter the topic of your choice in the search window on the left and (hopefully) you’ll be presented with a list of books that fit the bill. If you are browsing from outside the UK do check out your local bookseller to see whether you can order through them more cheaply, as we are well aware that postage rates can be prohibitive. By ordering through your local bookseller you will also be supporting a dying breed! See our FAQ page for more details on shipping and links to booksellers in specific countries.

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Please note that we do not pass on our mailing lists or any of your details to any other company.

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