August Lunar Ritual Astrology – An Article by Nicole Olmsted

Full Moon in Aquarius – August 7th 2017

The Time is NOW, everything we have been preparing for is waiting outside our door, all we have to do is open it! Over the last few months, or well, lifetimes, we have been preparing for this August transformation. We have been challenged, awakened and emptied to finally welcome our true selves. In the first part of August we will be opening the door to our highest potential during the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 7th. We have been in the age of Pisces and reawakening our creative selves, so now that we are stepping into the Aquarian era we are making radical steps towards a new way of life.

On this magnetic day we will witness a partial lunar eclipse, and this potent energy will highlight what has not served us, what has held us down and kept us hidden; it will give us the power for a final release. We will reclaim our roles as leaders and masters of our own consciousness and begin the process of restoration. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus – the planet of discipline and restriction combined with the planet of radical change. We have been healing our old wounds, old beliefs and old systems that have outdated our DNA and we are reprogramming the collective into a new superhuman consciousness. We have always had this ancient wisdom, but it has been hidden away within each and every atom of our being; now is our time to access its power in order to save the world.

Jupiter will square Pluto, giving us the power to make Big Changes and strive for success on a soul level. We may feel larger than life and need to be conscious of how we use this potent energy for self-change and for empowering our personal and business relationships. Take time to listen to other people’s opinions and emotional responses to the new sense of self that is emerging. There might be a chance to get what we want more quickly through greed or corruption, but remember there is always a price to pay for our actions; be sure to take the road that causes no harm to the self or others. Plus, when we make radical change for the betterment of all life, we will always be rewarded in a much larger way.

With Moon opposite Mars we may become impatient and frustrated by delays. Our tempers will be short and impulsive, causing us to push people away who don’t know how best to help. Instead of taking anger out on others we can spend the day completely focused on the tasks at hand. All real change takes time, so instead of getting over-ambitious, make a plan for success. Draw a map, create a schedule, build a program to integrate this new vision for the world. Let the ego serve for the greater good and not for selfish motives. Remember it takes everyday magic to make a galactic revolution.

The next step is to be part of the greater whole and for everyone to do their part. We can begin to change the world’s current tragic state of affairs by going within and calming our inner storms, inner chaos and healing the ancestral wounds caused by betrayal. If we perform more acts of self-love, bringing kindness to our everyday interactions and remembering that we contain the wisdom for all levels of healing in every cell of our being, we can be superhumans for the new era to come. It won’t be one saving the world, it will be all of us acting as one.

New Moon in Leo – August 21st 2017

Back in February we had a Full Moon in Leo, which gifted us with a vision for a project that needs to come to life. On August 21st the New Moon in Leo will give us the charge to make this happen. Leo rules the heart, and the Sun represents our life force energy and who we claim to be in the world. We have hidden our talents and desires long enough, and this potent eclipse energy will give us the courage to say YES to our creative potential.

The theme of success will follow us into this New Moon energy giving us an open mind to explore new creative ways to move towards our big dreams and connect with the people to make it happen. We have the confidence and endurance to make the right connections and a roaring heart to make our desires possible. We can’t make the change on our own, so will rely on our relationships to make it come to life.

Starting on August 12th 2017 we will have our third Mercury retrograde of the year, which will cause us to look back at old projects or the lifetime projects we have been waiting to create. It is a perfect time to go back and edit, refine, revisit and to get back to the roots of what we need to present to the world. Of course, try not to buy new electronics, or sign new contracts during this period; even verbal agreements should wait until after September 5th when Mercury is back on track.

Another exciting element to this New Moon energy is that the solar eclipse will form a trine with Uranus, the planet of radical change. Uranus comes in like a lightning bolt giving us profound insight and connection to our higher self. Our minds will be highly stimulated and we will be gifted with inspiring insights. This is a divine time to let go of old habits, beliefs and addictions that limit our potential. So instead of doing the same old thing, we will be inspired to replace old habits with new ones, and the enthusiasm to create a healthy sustaining lifestyle. So if there is a new discipline or spiritual practice that needs to be brought into the everyday life, now will be the time to make it happen.

As our inner world changes and finds harmony we will begin to experience a different society and new governments, and we will be able to bring about real change in our environment. Practising more self-healing on a personal level will give us the chance to welcome the new era we have been searching for since the dark ages. We have forgotten about magic for long enough and now is the time to break all curses, heal all wounds, to end all wars and return to paradise here on earth.



Nicole Olmsted is a Spiritual Consultant and Intuitive Trainer who works with the tools of Past Life Regression Therapy, Astrology, Tarot, Planetary Sound Healing, Energy Medicine and Ritual. She facilitates large groups and clients on developing their Natural Magic in life, business and relationships. Learn more about her work and connect at:


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