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Living Lilith - Four Dimensions of the Cosmic Feminine

Mine eyes gleam on thee, lit with an ancient light.

My lips proclaim mysteries….

Clearly, 2018 is shaping up to be “interesting.” Sign changes of Saturn into its own sign of Capricorn and the tandem transition of Uranus into Taurus/Chiron into Aries are major game-changers.


Black Moon Lilith conjunct the Sun

As well, this New Year opened with Black Moon Lilith conjunct the Sun, one indication of the authority of the dark goddess this year. Consider this stellium: Saturn, Venus, Black Moon (both mean and true), Sun and Pluto in Capricorn. The feminine flavor is clear. The fluid true Black Moon is precisely aligned with the 2018 Sun, defining the solar year, while the mean Black Moon collaborates with Saturn and Venus, two excellent allies for necessary in-formation of natural beauty and sustainable value. Pluto becomes Kali, the Destroyer, using her sharp sword to cut through what is no longer life-giving and vital. The power of the Cosmic Feminine takes over to choreograph the redesign of our reality. This is a year for each of us to carve out our standing stone of self-mastery as fully as we are able, while honoring divine authority.


Pulling the Sword from the Stone

Here are some suggestive thoughts about Lilith in Capricorn, a cardinal feminine earth sign, from my book, Living Lilith: Four Dimensions of the Cosmic Feminine:

“Control, capacity, contemplation—basic evolving agendas of Lilith in Capricorn. Capricorn continually tests levels of self-mastery and self-sufficiency. Being controlled by others and control over others eventually yield to self-control…Authority figures may be encountered on a battleground, as Lilith refuses to bend the knee to hierarchical convention. Covert pressures, often internal, wear away the rough surfaces to a marble-like polish…like a Rock of Gibraltar or a fine sculpture freed from its slab of stone.

“An earth sign, Capricorn can be most tangibly aware of the kingdoms of Nature. Capricorn seeks to manifest in accord with… the sacred geometry of life, shape life force into form and function, recognizing that function and form have mutual effect, yet are transcended by a power more far-reaching…In the mastery is the magic.”

The magic began on Solstice, the real New Year, as Saturn accompanied the Sun into Capricorn. Black Moon Lilith was already dancing around the Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp as far back as June Solstice. If we merge the imagery of the Sagittarian Archer aiming the arrow toward the Galactic Center with the mythical beast of the Capricorn Sea-Goat, can you see a Unicorn, another mythical, magical creature with its one-pointed horn?


Double “Trouble”? Two Liliths in Gemini

Leading up to the New Year’s Day Super Full Moon, at midnight we find the almost-full Moon in later Gemini. Earlier in the sign of The Twins, we find both Asteroid Lilith and the Dark (Shadow or Waldemuth) Moon Lilith. Veiled and shadowy, Dark Moon Lilith is at the apex of a Finger of God pattern, with quincunxes on either side leading to Mars in Scorpio and the Capricorn dark goddess stellium. Covert activity and subterranean powers act behind the scenes, like chess master at work. Secrets are revealed and change the operating rules of the global game.

Asteroid Lilith is more obviously active, in a dynamic, mutable T-square pattern. It opposes Mercury in Sagittarius, confounding perceptions and challenging status quo beliefs, igniting polarities, media spin and a kaleidoscope of opinions.  Add to this Lilith/Mercury opposition a square to Neptune ruling in Pisces and we have a fluid, confusing and rapidly shifting interpretation of reality, further enhanced by Moon in partile square to Chiron in Pisces. Find yourself humming, “Row, row, row your boat…life is but a dream,” as an undercurrent theme song. Subjective bias may evoke irrational sub-text, with an array of evanescent nuances, prevarications and downright lies, causing us to grasp for any rational straws. (Step back and breathe deeply, especially during Mercury retrogrades in fire signs this year.)

Mercury in Sagittarius truth-bombs may be bypassed by an endless barrage of media spin and self-questioning. Issues bubble up that are socially and politically contentious. Asteroid Lilith suggests to look beyond mainstream media to “outside” or “rogue” sources, maybe even those labeled “conspiracy” theories, where some nuggets may suggest new pieces that fit the puzzle. Be curious and consider anything, as belief systems are challenged. Remember the movie Matrix, with its choice between blue pill and red pill, staying asleep or waking up? There are plentiful colored pills to choose from this year. Have you already surprised yourself in terms of how you are seeing the world— as opposed to, say, how it was before the potent Solar Eclipse of August 21? Two Liliths in Gemini, like the dark and light angel on either shoulder, have more than a few things to say in her own way, which may “blow our minds”. Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn demonstrates a sure path beyond a shadow of a doubt. She has crafted a plan that will be executed with masterful skill.


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