Anthony Louis

The author is a psychiatrist who writes under the pen name Anthony Louis. He has been a student of astrology since his teens and has lectured internationally and published numerous articles and books on the topic. He has written the text for reports on vocation, secondary progressions, and solar returns for Halloran software’s AstrolDeluxe Report
Writer. In addition to writing his own texts, he has translated into English Morin’s Book 18 of Astrologia Gallica on the strengths and weaknesses of the planets. Anthony Louis is a member of NCGR and the Astrological Society of Connecticut.

Follow this link to watch a fascinating interview with Ana Isabel on solar returns.


Happy Birthday! Ana Isabel talks to Anthony about Solar Returns - what they mean and how to calculate them


Art of Forecasting using Solar Returns


An outstanding addition to the limited list of books on Solar Returns. The author bases his work on the technique of 17th century astrologer Morin (whose work he has also translated in other books), giving a solid historical background in the process. Filled with examples and case histories, this is an in-depth and rigorous read.

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