Bernadette Brady

Bernadette is a cultural astronomer and astrologer who holds a MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, (Bath Spa University) a PhD in Anthropology (UWTSD). Certificate in Egyptology, Manchester University and currently completing a MA in Egyptology at that university. She is a tutor for the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, UK.

In her astrological capacity she is co-director of Astro Logos Ltd. In 2006 she was awarded the Charles Harvey Award for ‘exceptional service to astrology’and at UAC 2008 she received the Regulus Award in ‘Theory and Understanding in Astrology’. Bernadette lectures, teaches, designs software and writes. She is renowned for her innovative work in visual astrology, the role of fixed stars in western astrology and for her work in predictive astrology. Her MA work was in mapping chaos theory to astrology. She is currently studying Egyptology at Manchester University and lectures internationally on Egyptian Astronomy.


Leaders in Astrology with Kepler College and Bernadette Brady

Ana Isabel of Lightways Astrology and Bernadette get lost in a fabulous discussion about chaos theory.


Astrology : A Place in Chaos


Here’s a book to blow your mind. Bernadette Brady is renowned for her ground breaking astrology and this book is no exception. Chaos theory suggests that new patterns emerge spontaneously and Brady shows how by making tiny changes at the right time we can help to produce the patterns and new order that we seek. Brady explains chaos theory then combines this thinking with the predictive techniques available to astrologers – and shows how we can embrace change, and even encourage it. Awesome

Star and Planet Combinations


This is a much needed textbook on fixed stars and their relationship to the natal planets. It offers rare material on the detailed interpretations of an individual’s natal heliacal rising and setting stars; these stars yield insight into the nature of one’s soul and spiritual path. Additionally, the author gives a comprehensive listing of the meaning of every star when combined with all the planets and nodal axis, for natal as well as predictive use.

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