Cornelia Hansen

Cornelia Hansen holds Masters Degrees in Educational Psychology and in Clinical Psychology and is a Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Therapist.  She taught preschool for the Los Angeles Unified School District in their Early Childhood Centers for 25 years and in addition spent 9 years teaching high school classes in English, Psychology, and Humanities. Cornelia began studying astrology in 1976 with Joan McEvers and Marion March. Her previous writing includes a column on children’s charts for Aspects Magazine, a publication for Aquarius Workshops, and “Parent and Child”, a chapter in Web of Relationships edited by Joan McEvers for Llewellyn Publications in 1992.  Her research on finding the temperament in children’s charts was published in the AFA’s Journal of Research in summer 2018. She is currently teaching a class on temperament for Kepler College.


Ana Isabel and Cornelia in conversation about discovering a child's temperament through the chart

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