David Hamblin

Date of birth: 8th August 1935, 9.50 p.m BST, Manchester, England, from his mother’s diary.

After taking up astrology in the 1960s, he became a Tutor for the Faculty of Astrological Studies and was also Chairman of the Astrological Association of Great Britain in the 1980s. His book first book, Harmonic Charts, was written over the course of a two-year period, 1981-82, and was published in 1983.

The elder of two children whose parents were both teachers, Hamblin studied Classics at Oxford University from 1953-57, and from 1957-58 he studied Personnel Management at the London School of Economics. He became a researcher, and later a teacher of organizational theory at the University of Bath. Around 1970 he published a book on evaluation of training. In August 1985 he took early retirement from the University and became a psychotherapist (having been trained at the Psychosynthesis and Education Trust). Hamblin retired as a psychotherapist on April 20, 2000.

Since his retirement his two most important activities have been walking the 630-mile South West Coast Path in its entirety (no mean feat!); and writing his books The Spirit of Numbers and Harmonic Astrology in Practice.



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