Deva Green

Deva Green is the daughter of the founder of Evolutionary Astrology, Jeffery Wolf Green.

Jeffery is the author of Pluto Volume 1: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul and Pluto Volume 2: The Soul’s Evolution Through Relationships. Deva has also compiled her father’s previously unpublished work into Essays on Evolutionary Astrology.

She studied with her father for many years and has a very deep and comprehensive understanding of the work, completing her first book Evolutionary Astrology in 2009. Deva is currently the director of the JWG School of Evolutionary Astrology. She offers personal astrology readings and also private tutoring. To learn more about Evolutionary Astrology and Deva’s work please visit her website at, and the school website at


Deva and Ana Isabel discuss past, present and future in terms of the Moon in evolutionary astrology

The Tower Collapses - Ana Isabel in conversation with Deva Green

Ana Isabel talks to Deva about the relevance of Pluto in our charts - both personally and on a global level

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