Martin Sebastian Moritz

Martin Sebastian Moritz lives in Hamburg and Berlin. He started out as actor and dancer before his life took a different turn and he decided to study psychology and astrology. With ten years of teaching psychodrama under his belt, he now specialises in couples therapy, often supported by astrological readings, and has been a consulting psychological astrologer for more than two decades.

Martin lectures all over Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK and has given talks at NORWAC, the AA conference and the London-based Astrological Lodge. He also lectures for MISPA. He writes articles for German and Swiss astrology magazines, as well as for the Astrological Journal. His keen interests besides psychological astrology are working with karma, biography work and gender studies. An Anglophile, for a while he lived in London, his home away from home. His first book The Mysterious 8th House – The Shadow in the Chart was originally published in German. His website is



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