Art of Forecasting using Solar Returns


An outstanding addition to the limited list of books on Solar Returns. The author bases his work on the technique of 17th century astrologer Morin (whose work he has also translated in other books), giving a solid historical background in the process. Filled with examples and case histories, this is an in-depth and rigorous read.

Astrological Roots: The Hellenistic Legacy


Astrological Roots: The Hellenistic Tradition is the first systematic presentation of Hellenistic astrology to the modern astrological world. How did ancient astrologers assess a chart for fame, career, and parents, love, and happiness? This book surveys ancient depictions of planets, affiliations between the planets and the zodiac, lots, houses or places, aspects, orientality, and fixed stars. Students and professional astrologers will find this book a treasure of astrological insight, technique, and new interpretative possibilities. Not only will you gain knowledge of how ancient astrologers practiced their trade, but you will also have new tools that apply to modern life.

Astrology : A Place in Chaos


Here’s a book to blow your mind. Bernadette Brady is renowned for her ground breaking astrology and this book is no exception. Chaos theory suggests that new patterns emerge spontaneously and Brady shows how by making tiny changes at the right time we can help to produce the patterns and new order that we seek. Brady explains chaos theory then combines this thinking with the predictive techniques available to astrologers – and shows how we can embrace change, and even encourage it. Awesome

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