Annual Predictive Techniques of the Greek, Arabic and Indian Astrologers – Available Now!

Martin Gansten


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Predictions for each year of life go back to the earliest times of Hellenistic astrology. Elaborated by Persian and Arabic astrologers who emphasized the revolution of the nativity, known today as the solar return chart, annual predictive techniques then spread eastward into India and westward into Latin Europe during the Middle Ages. For the first time, this book draws together material on annual predictions from ancient and medieval authors writing in Greek, Arabic and Sanskrit, demonstrating their methods with a wealth of
present-day example charts.

While covering historical background and principles of interpretation, Annual Predictive Techniques is above all a manual of practical astrology, a guide to concrete prediction intended for intermediate students. Separate chapters are devoted to illustrating the use of primary directions and profections together with anniversary transits. The reader is then shown how to integrate these techniques step by step with the solar return chart. The final chapter discusses ways of subdividing a year and identifying times of major

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  • ISBN 13: 9781910531419

Dr Martin Gansten has studied and practised traditional astrology for more than thirty years. Since the publication of his textbook Primary Directions: Astrology’s Old Master Technique (2009), he has taught this important but often misunderstood method of prediction to students worldwide in workshops and online. Much of his academic research concerns the history of astrology, and he has taken a particular interest in the transmission of Perso-Arabic (Tājika) astrological teachings to India, culminating in his translation of the voluminous Sanskrit work The Jewel of Annual Astrology (2020).