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Apollo’s Chariot: The Meaning of the Astrological Sun

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Many people are familiar with astrology only through Sun-sign columns in newspapers, but they have little understanding of what it really means to be born “under” a particular zodiac sign. The astrological student may know that the Sun is the most important factor in the birth horoscope; but frequently used terms such as “self-expression” give little insight into this most profound and complex of astrological symbols.

The seminars in this reprint of the original CPA Press version explore the many dimensions of the astrological Sun, from the Sun as a father symbol to its importance as a significator of personal identity, vocation, and spiritual values. Also examined are progressions of the Sun to natal planets, and major planetary aspects to the natal Sun. With so little written work available on the Sun in the horoscope, this innovative volume offers psychological and astrological perspectives, which will be invaluable for both the student and the professional astrologer.


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Liz Greene

Liz Greene

Liz Greene has been a professional astrologer for nearly sixty years. She holds doctorates in both psychology and history and is a qualified Jungian a...

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