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Astrological Chart Calculations

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If you want to know how to calculate a chart from scratch, you need this book! Astrological Chart Calculations preserves and teaches the methods of the most basic astrological chart calculations and tells the story of its history. It addresses the disconnection between the actual process of mapping the sky and the arithmetic that is required to calculate a horoscope, a process required by some astrological certification exams. It presents the key concepts behind the celestial sphere, the keeping of time, the development of trigonometry and the nature of house systems. It is a general reference useful to any student of astrology, and anyone who has a reasonable grasp of algebra and geometry should be able to follow the explanations and worked calculations. It is hoped that a deeper knowledge of this traditional art of astrology, that is the challenge of mapping the sky and the mathematics of preparing a chart, will allow students to glean not only deeper insights into the subject, but also a unique contact with astrology’s long history.
This is the ideal companion to What Astrology is and How to Use it.

Bruce Scofield

Bruce Scofield

Bruce Scofield began a lifelong study of astrology in 1967 and since the mid 1970s has been an astrological consultant specializing in psychological a...

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This book on astrological chart calculations teaches basic astrological methodology. The first edition was compiled in 2002 from class notes and articles that Bruce Scofield wrote. This second edition expands the book to include many new topics that give an understanding of what lies behind an astrological birth chart in terms of space and time within historical references. It is a general reference which the student may find useful, especially if one has an understanding of algebra and geometry with regard to the mapping of the sky and general mathematics. It covers chapters such as: space/ time management; history of trigonometry; chart calculations using both algebraic equations, logarithms and a calculator with trigonometry functions. Bruce Scofield believes that knowledge of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of chart calculation is very relevant. As he states : “Most of us drive cars or use electronic gadgets every day, but only a very few have any idea of how they work . . . we trust the repair of these things to the experts . . which is not a good analogy for astrology”. The essence behind this book is the mathematical ritual of preparing a chart, which allows students to not only glean deeper insights into astrological chart calculations, but also to allow contact with and remembrance of astrology’s long history.

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