Astrological Chart Calculations

Bruce Scofield


If you want to know how to calculate a chart from scratch, you need this book! Astrological Chart Calculations preserves and teaches the methods of the most basic astrological chart calculations and tells the story of its history. It addresses the disconnection between the actual process of mapping the sky and the arithmetic that is required to calculate a horoscope, a process required by some astrological certification exams. It presents the key concepts behind the celestial sphere, the keeping of time, the development of trigonometry and the nature of house systems. It is a general reference useful to any student of astrology, and anyone who has a reasonable grasp of algebra and geometry should be able to follow the explanations and worked calculations. It is hoped that a deeper knowledge of this traditional art of astrology, that is the challenge of mapping the sky and the mathematics of preparing a chart, will allow students to glean not only deeper insights into the subject, but also a unique contact with astrology’s long history.


This is the ideal companion to What Astrology is and How to Use it.

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Bruce Scofield began a lifelong study of astrology in 1967 and since the mid 1970s has been an astrological consultant specializing in psychological analysis, relationships and electional astrology. He is the author of, or contributor to, many books and a large number of articles on astrology and other topics. He has served on the education committee of the National Center for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) since 1979 as both member and director, presently serving as president of the Professional Astrologers Alliance (PAA), has Level 4 certification from NCGR–PAA, professional certification from American Federation of Astrologers and holds an M.A. in history and a Ph.D. in geosciences. Since 2000 he has taught science at the University of Massachusetts and astrology–related courses for Kepler College. His website contains information on Mesoamerican astrology and other topics.

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