COMING SOON Chasing the Dragons: An Introduction to Draconic Astrology

Victor Olliver


Draconic astrology is an ancient, little-known system which sets out to identify an individual’s spiritual purpose(s) and challenges. Most people at some point ask the question: ‘What is my life purpose? What am I for?’ The editor of The Astrological Journal Victor Olliver takes a step-by-step approach to answering these questions. He teaches you how to set up a ‘draco’ chart and interpret it, using many charts of notable people and clients (as well as his own horoscope) as working examples. Draconic is a highly versatile analytical and forecasting tool used not just in natal and mundane astrology but also with tropical transits, secondary progressions, directions, solar returns and much more. Using the North Node as the starting point, draconic discovers life themes (perhaps from past lives) often only hinted at (or absent) in the tropical chart. This book will help empower you and your clients as together we explore the soul’s intent towards self-fulfilment.


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    Victor Olliver has edited The Astrological Journal – published by the Astrological Association – since 2014, having obtained a diploma with distinction from the Mayo School in natal and mundane astrology. A popular teacher of draconic astrology he has presented many webinars in various parts of the world, including the UK, South Africa, Canada, the USA, Australia and Turkey, and is a high profile draconic consultant with many clients. He is also the Media Officer of the Association of Professional Astrologers International which sets professional and ethical standards in astrology and astrological schools. Before turning to astrology Victor had a long career as a journalist, editor and radio broadcaster, winning two Periodical Publishers’ Association awards for his celebrity interviews and travel journalism. He is based on the south coast of England. His websites are: and

    It has been a pleasure to work with Victor for over a decade both at the Mayo School and the Astrological Association. His wealth of skills, vast encyclopaedic knowledge and considerate approach all contribute to making him both an outstanding astrologer and a central member of the astrological community. A gifted speaker and writer, his work on draconic astrology is rich and insightful and he revives a technique of great significance.

    Wendy Stacey, Chairperson of the Astrological Association, Principal of the Mayo School of Astrology, Board Director of the International Association of Ethics in Astrology, Tutor of the London School of Astrology

    “Victor Olliver is the perfect person to write this book. He’s a leading professional UK astrologer with a large client base, and is also a brilliant and entertaining writer, journalist, and broadcaster, and that enables him to walk the walk and talk the talk – a rare combination. Victor is a great proponent of using draconic astrology, and his talks on the topic explain it clearly and with great humour, so I’m delighted that he’s now written the book on it – it fills a much-needed gap.”

    – Chris Mitchell PhD, board trustee of the Astrological Association


    “Draconic astrology was something I had investigated many years ago, but it never really garnered my interest, that is, until I heard Victor Olliver give a short talk on the subject. He immediately made the technique and application visually appealing and understandable. Following his  demonstration, I started to use draconic with a few clients and was delighted with the information it gave, as were the clients. Victor has the gift of writing clearly, succinctly and most importantly with humour. I feel this book, written by a brilliant astrologer, will be a boon, not only for those who practise astrology, but also for those with an interest in understanding their charts and themselves. I can’t recommend this work highly enough.”

    – Sharon Knight MA. QHP. Chair of the Association of Professional Astrologers International and board trustee of the Astrological Association


    “One of the most challenging tasks of the modern astrologer is developing the ability to explain complex techniques so they are not only easy to understand but so they can become a delightfully useful utensil for the astrologer’s toolkit. No one has done this better for draconics than Victor Olliver.”

    – Alex Trenoweth MA (CAA), author of Mirror Mirror: The Astrology of Famous People and the Actors who Portrayed Them. Principal, Rohini Academy of Astrology. CAPISAR President and Ambassador for India.


    I was so pleased to hear this week that The Wessex Astrologer is commissioning my colleague Victor Olliver to write a book on the topic of draconic astrology. I have worked closely now with Victor for more than five years in his capacity as editor of the UK’s respected Astrological Journal and of my bi-monthly column there ‘Not the Astrology Column’. He has also done a brilliant job of editing my newly published essay collection Postcards to the Future.

    Victor’s background in the legal profession and in journalism has brought a welcome clarity, incisiveness and high ethical standard to his involvement in astrology. He brings those qualities to a recent addition to his astrological services, that of Life Purpose reports using an ancient Babylonian system called draconic astrology, based on the Moon’s North Node position in the natal birth chart. I obtained one of those reports at the end of 2020 and was impressed with its accuracy. Here are brief extracts from feedback I sent Victor which give a flavour of that accuracy:

    Victor’s report: “Indeed, struggle has the perverse effect of rejuvenating the character…”

    My response: “Never was a truer word said about a person…”


    My response to the most striking observation for me from Victor’s report:

    “The exact conjunction you pointed out between the natal 12th-house Part of Fortune and the draco Chiron in Virgo, was the most striking item. I can see so clearly from this peaceful place in my later life how a profound, deliberately made choice early in my twenties to commit to the struggle to derive insight and clarity from deep pain provided by family Fate and its inevitable out-workings in my younger years, has fed all along into the work I have done in various vocational contexts over several decades.

    The Wounded Healer archetype really has been a dominant force throughout. So, it was actually very moving to see that affirmed so strongly in my draco horoscope.

    Thank you, Victor, for your clarity and insight.”

    Anne Whitaker, author of Postcards to the Future: Mercurial Musings 1995-2021. Columnist on The Astrological Journal, and Dell Horoscope, essayist for The Mountain Astrologer and other publications.