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Horary Astrology Step by Step

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This book is a step by step guide to handling a horary chart. All the basic elements of theory are presented, but the focus is firmly on what the student absolutely needs to know and understand rather than any deviation into the history and philosophy of the practice. In this, his second book for students, Petros Eleftheriadis aims for clarity and practicality; his goal since the beginning of his astrology studies has been to become a good astrology practitioner, not an astrology scholar, and with Horary Astrology Step by Step, he achieves just that.
Ana Isabel talks to Petros on Lightways Astrology Radio about his latest book here.

Petros Eleftheriadis

Petros Eleftheriadis

Petros Eleftheriadis studied Law and French Literature in Greece and went on to study horary astrology with Barbara Dunn at the QHP. He received his D...

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Petros Eleftheriadis is the author of Horary Astrology: The Practical Way to Learn Your Fate (Wessex) which examined 55 radical charts, applying traditional rules to find Yes or No answers to questions. But post-publication he became aware of problems, as he writes in his Introduction. Students may know the theory of horary but, like Hamlet, they seem unable to apply the principles to “decide on outcome”. Cue this latest book: let’s get back to basics and go through the horary process from start to end. You want to know whether essential dignity is stronger than, say, accidental debility? Step this way into Petros’ Step by Step. And he is true to his word. His new book is a marvel of clarity and good sense, stripped of history digressions, of conflicting ruminations of dead beards (plenty of other books around for that sort of thing) and of unnecessary jargon. Almost in the spirit of Kim Farnell’s Little Book Of series on electionals and horary, he aims to steer his readers towards practical delineation that produces results. As he writes: “…if you can’t make a distinction between what actually works and what doesn’t, then all this knowledge goes to waste”. Personally, I was raised on modern astrology but have slowly and inevitably started to embrace certain traditional approaches, especially in matters where a very specific answer is required. So, having digested Eleftheriadis’ Step by Step, I can say with some confidence that I have a better understanding of the subject now than ever before. He starts with chart validity, moves to casting the chart and finding significators, shifts to assessing significators before reaching the climax and the point of it all – chart judgement. Extra charts are added at the end as examples. Some of the explication maybe truly basic – such as a definition of an aspect – but the build-up in understanding is best started with a shared foundation. I just love this book. Buy it! Victor Olliver - The Astrological Journal

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