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Life After Grief: An Astrological Guide to Dealing with Loss

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In this, her first and landmark book, Darrelyn Gunzburg explores how, by using astrology as our guide, we can befriend the notion of letting go and encounter a changed future with focus, determination and understanding. The author draws on the Centaurs, mythology and solid astrological knowledge to demonstrate her points. A Centaur ephemeris is included.
It became apparent after it was published that Life After Grief had even more to offer than we first realised. Darrelyn’s ability to write sensitively about such a difficult subject attracted attention from people who weren’t astrologers, but who resonated strongly with her ideas on the grief process. As a result she expanded the first section into another book, Grief: A Dark, Sacred Time. This has fast become a classic, gaining some beautiful and heartfelt reviews. For more information click on the link, where you will also find her interview on the subject of grief with Ana Isabel.

Darrelyn Gunzburg

Darrelyn Gunzburg

To say that Darrelyn Gunzburg is multi-talented would be a bit of an understatement. In AstroGraphology: The hidden link between your horoscope and y...

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