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Morin’s Book 21: Of the Active Determination of the Celestial Bodies & the Passive Determination of Sublunary Things

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With this publication of Book 21, we at last have a definitive English-language translation of the crown jewel of Astrologia Gallica, Jean-Baptiste Morin de Villefranche’s 26-volume magnum opus. In this one slim volume, Morin, a 17th c. French astrologer, physician, and mathematician, sets out the rules for a rational approach to horoscope interpretation that he summarizes in two compact phrases that encapsulate his entire tradition: “Of the Active Determination of the Celestial Bodies & the Passive Determination of Sublunary Things.”

Beginning in 1950, Zoltan Mason made Morin’s approach available to English-speaking students for many years through the classes he held in his New York City bookstore. Three abridged English-language paraphrases of Book 21 were published in the early to mid-1970s. But not until this translation from Penelope Sitter has a full and reliable rendering of the centrally important volume of Morin’s masterwork been available in English. This translation of Book 21 brings Morin’s voice to life, and provides comprehensive endnotes, a detailed subject index, and an index of persons. It will be the authoritative and complete text in English for contemporary students and a foundation for future university level programs on our perennial art.     Robert M. Corre

For details on the differences between Baldwin’s translation and Penelope Sitter’s, visit her blog post here.


Definitely high time this was available properly in English and it’s beautifully and faultlessly rendered, including the chart diagrams. I imagine it will sit alongside Lilly’s Christian Astrology as the textbook on the state of the art at that historical time.

Paul F. Newman


Penelope Sitter

Penelope Sitter, now a retired attorney, began to study astrology in the 1980s. Dissatisfied with contemporary method, she made some study of the Proj...

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