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The Art of Stealing Fire: Uranus in the Horoscope – The Reprint!

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It has been said that if we wish to make God laugh, all we have to do is make plans. The enthusiastic participation of the audience contributes an important dimension to the dynamic quality of the two seminars in this volume, a reprint of the original CPA Press version, which focus on Uranus, that most unpredictable and disruptive of astrological symbols, and one of the most misunderstood.
Part One explores Uranus in the natal chart, examining the mythic images of Ouranos the sky-god and Prometheus the Titan, bringer of cosmic fire, and investigating the psychological dynamics of the outlaw, the revolutionary, and the collective urge toward evolution and perfection.
Part Two deals with the 84-year transit cycle of Uranus and how it is expressed psychologically and through external events and relationship patterns. This important cycle is also explored in relation to the cycle of Saturn, which closely shadows Uranus throughout the individual’s life. The Art of Stealing Fire is often highly provocative, challenging our conventional astrological assumptions about Uranus and asking us to reflect on those times when we must find a way to balance our individual values with the great collective urge toward progress of which this planet is a symbol. This book is accessible to astrological students at every level, but it will also prove revelatory to experienced astrological practitioners.
Also available as ebook through Kindle, Nook, Googlebooks etc.

Liz Greene

Liz Greene

Liz Greene has been a professional astrologer for nearly sixty years. She holds doctorates in both psychology and history and is a qualified Jungian a...

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The Art of Stealing Fire comprises two CPA seminars led by Liz Greene in 1996 on the subject of Uranus in astrology. We read the transcripts. The format includes interactions with the audience of students, so that there is a conversational immediacy that lends freshness and vividness. Part 1 examines Uranus in the chart, starting with its mythic origins on a continuum that takes us to themes of the unconventional and individual associated with the planet. Uranus normally gets a good press as the planet of glam rebellion; it’s très chic even, but Greene has surgical correctives to impart. Early on, Greene observes that “unconventional does not mean individual”: people in a rebellious collective will act sheep-like for ‘the cause’. She reminds her audience of the film Monty Python’s The Life of Brian in which a group of hippy-looking New Agers chant in unison, “We are all individuals!” This is just one of the many sharp discriminations she makes that require you to leave foggy assumptions at the classroom door to refine understanding of the essential Uranus. Later in the seminar Greene makes the provocative point that atheism is as much a religious ideology as Catholicism and therefore is not Uranian. Dogma in both instances being the underlying drive, a fixed idea. But… “Agnosticism might be more truly Uranian” because it may reject dogma. In Part 2, the cycles of Uranus and Saturn are discussed. Prepare for more contentious statements. Transits, she informs, describe “cyclical movements within the psyche”: they can only be understood in terms of “psychological dynamics” – which will be news to mediaevalists in their air-conditioned Tudorbethan cottages. But she makes an excellent observation that is the basis of the seminar: “The cycles of Saturn and Uranus form the underlying rhythm of our lives, over which the melody lines of the faster-moving planets are played”. At any point in the seminar, you will find an original or highly nuanced insight – and the lessons are not confined to Saturn-Uranus. Neptune contacts are also covered as well as the Saturn and Uranus returns. Students volunteer highly personal information to better illustrate the resonances of these cycles: the seminar is not a dry disquisition but a living, breathing exchange. A book guaranteed to deepen and sharpen one’s understanding of Uranus and its chart connections. Victor Olliver  The Astrological Journal

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