Understanding Karmic Complexes – Evolutionary Astrology and Regression Therapy – Hardback

Patricia L. Walsh


While studying Evolutionary Astrology (pioneered by Jeff Wolf Green), regression therapist Patricia Walsh realized that the potent combination of regression therapy and Evolutionary Astrology show us how the challenges and difficulties we face today are Indicated in the natal chart, and also are very much rooted in the past. This book brings the astrological archetypes to life in a way you have not seen them before. Using many case histories from clients’ own past life recalls compared to their natal charts, the author shows how knowledge of previous lives can enable us to grow, and thus remove the blocks which stop us from manifesting our true potential.


Also available in paperback.


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Weight 600 g
  • ISBN 13: 9781910531426

Patricia L. Walsh is a graduate of the Jeffrey Wolf Green School of Evolutionary Astrology and is a certified Evolutionary Astrologer. She is also a certified Deep Memory Process (DMP) practitioner and Chief US trainer for Dr Roger Woolger’s school of Deep Memory Process.
Along with astrology, she specializes in multi-dimensional healing focusing on resolving present and past life traumas. This work is based in Shamanic principles including: Soul Retrieval/Fragmentation, Spirit Release, Ancestral and Earthbound Spirit Work, synthesizing intuitive hands-on work with therapeutic approaches.

For interviews and a discussion about her chart go to her author page.

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