Classical Medical Astrology – Healing with the Elements

Oscar Hofman


This book is a translation of the original (Dutch) brought about by the overwhelming demand of his English speaking students. Books have been written about herbs with a little astrology added, outer planets with a little naturopathy added and about the astrological symbolism of body parts & functions. But none of these are really about classical medical astrology: practical diagnosis & treatment on the basis of charts. Medical astrology has always been an integral unity of astrological diagnosis & treatment based on planetary positions. This integral & seamless unity is the central theme in this book which picks up the thread of the great tradition which ended temporarily in 17th century England. It is now undergoing a revival as modern astrologers rediscover the authenticity & value of the classical techniques.

Weight 240 g

Oscar Hofman lives in Gorinchem, The Netherlands and practises all the branches of traditional astrology: medical, natal, electional, horary and mundane. He is the founder of the International School of Classical Astrology which offers a full training program in the tradition (horary, electional, natal, medical and mundane, available in six languages) followed by students in more than 30 countries around the world. He travels widely to teach, especially in Eastern Europe and the German speaking countries and has clients in many countries.
He has written four books (Classical Medical Astrology, Fixed Stars and Classical Horary Astrology), which have been published in six languages; he was the first European astrologer to be translated into Chinese.

Website (with a blog focusing on the fixed stars, in Dutch, French and English):

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