From Here to There – An Astrologer’s Guide to Astromapping

Martin Davis


This is the long awaited follow-up to Astrolocality Astrology – in which the author starts with  the history of locality astrology, telling its story from ancient Babylonia to modern times. He then introduces essential works from contemporary astrologers who are utilising locality techniques today. This is a brilliant opportunity to learn from notable astrologers like: Bernadette Brady, Kathryn Cassidy, Faye Cossar, Donna Cunningham, Robert Currey, Dennis Flaherty, Arielle Guttman, A.Tad Mann, Chris McRae, David Meadows, Dale O’Brien, Angel Thompson and Maya White.

An eBook version is available through the usual online sellers: iBooks, Nook, Googlebooks and Amazon

See also Astrolocality Astrology: A Guide to What it is and How to use it.

Weight 410 g

In the course of his work as an engineer, business consultant and sportsman, Martin Davis has travelled widely and lived in many different countries. He is a well known lecturer and practitioner in the area of locational astrology and his energy and enthusiasm for it have encouraged many others to investigate the subject further. Martin’s books Astrolocality Astrology: A Guide to What it is and How to use it, and From Here to There: An Astrologer’s Guide to Astromapping are on the reading list for many astrology schools and are highly regarded as important tools for understanding this fascinating technique.

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