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An Introduction to Medical Astrology

An Introduction to Medical Astrology

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A comprehensive and accessible introduction to the complex subject of medical astrology, which starts with the fascinating history of astrology and medicine. Using clear delineations and copious case histories Wanda Sellar demonstrates how to unravel the medical dilemmas in the natal chart.
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Wanda Sellar

Wanda Sellar

Wanda Sellar is an internationally renowned, professional astrologer with over 30 years experience in client based work and teaching. She holds diplom...

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Until the last few centuries, most respected astrologers were also well versed in the healing arts. The contrary was also true: most physicians checked their patient's horoscope before administering any cure. Nowadays medical practice and astrology have gone their separate ways, but a significant number of astrologers are interested in and have mastered the basic connections between what's happening in the natal chart and what's happening health-wise. If you want to investigate the health profiles in your horoscopes, Wanda Sellar's Introduction to Medical Astrology is a great place to start. Following an introductory chapter on the history of astrology and medicine, the rest of this guidebook adds layer upon layer of information, beginning with how the Sun Signs impart certain pre-conditions on vitality or the lack thereof. Each sign governs a section of the body, with Aries ruling the head, Taurus the neck, and so on until we get to Pisces and its rulership of the feet. For each sign, the author includes an exhaustive list of conditions associated with that sign, plus chart examples to illustrate how manifested illness reflects a Sun Sign weakness. Her references listed at the end of each chapter are impressive, and for those who want to expand their knowledge, following up on these works will take you through most everything written in the field of medical astrology. While a number of excellent books have been written on the subject over the last few decades, the reader will get the impression that a peak of knowledge, a golden era of medical astrology, was reached in the 17th century during William Lilly's and Nicholas Culpeper's time. For example, Jupiter is said to rule both Pisces and Sagittarius, since Neptune wasn't discovered until 1844. Likewise, Mars rules Aries and Scorpio, Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius. That doesn't mean that the outer planets aren't significant factors in diagnosing and treating illness – they are placed in the charts, and each has its list of corresponding ailments, as do the rest of the traditional planets. Even Chiron has a role, but not Ceres or any other asteroid. What may seem modern, but is actually an ancient perspective, is the holistic approach found in many of the illustrated cases. Planetary dynamics show not only physical problems, but also how psychological states (such as self-esteem issues) bear on the health picture. For example, in Yvonne's case, she suffers from Behcet syndrome, an auto-immune disease. Because Yvonne was born after sunset and has Sagittarius Rising, her ruling planet Jupiter keys in Pisces for clues about the underlying cause. Additional background on Yvonne reveals that just before the onset of her illness, she was rejected by her partner, and began feeling some intense self-loathing. So the personal history and the tendency for certain weaknesses all come together through her horoscope. Additional chapters include how the houses, aspects, and planetary cycles relate to illness. You'll find material on the lunar nodes, midpoints, and how to set up and interpret the decumbiture chart (for when the patient first took to his bed). A section on herbs may be valuable for those who want to try a more natural way of treatment, and there’s a chapter on surgery with clues about its timing. Toward the end of the book, a list of sources, medical conditions and other glossaries and references make this Introduction a comprehensive guide to diagnosing and treating illness using astrology.
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