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Luna: The Astrological Moon

Luna: The Astrological Moon

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The influence of the Moon on our personality and perception is one of the least understood factors in our daily lives and it has fascinated, inspired, and frightened us since the dawn of human history. In this lovely book Paul F. Newman probes the subtle meanings of the astrological Moon; with the use of copious case histories he considers firstly the lunar cycle, then the declinational hemispheres, through moon mansions, progressed moons, magic squares and much, much more. The Black Moon Lilith is also covered. An essential addition to any bookshelf.
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Declination: The Steps of the Sun

Paul F. Newman

Paul F. Newman

Paul F. Newman has been a practising astrologer for thirty years and has written books (Declination: The Steps of the Sun and Luna: The Astrological...

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