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Mapping the Psyche Volume 3: Kairos - The Astrology of Time

Mapping the Psyche Volume 3: Kairos – The Astrology of Time

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This is the 3rd volume in the beginner series, Mapping the Psyche. This volume is an introduction to transits, progressions and solar arc directions,and it includes a fascinating and full length case study of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. The Mapping the Psyche series is an ideal entry point into astrology’s symbolic language and it is recommended for anyone with a serious interest in discovering how astrology can enhance self-understanding and promote psychic integration. Audience participation in these seminar style books ensures that psychological terms are fully explained and illustrated with personal examples. Clare draws from a variety of sources, including the perennial philosophy, alchemy and the kabbalah demonstrating the inherently spiritual and magical dimensions of this approach to psychological astrology.
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Clare Martin

Clare Martin

Clare Martin has an MA in Integrative Psychotherapy and has been a practising astrologer and teacher since 1990, working in London for the Faculty of ...

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