The Sacred Dance of Venus and Mars

Michele Finey


A beautiful book which for the first time explores the relationship between the cycles of Venus and Mars and their impact on our lives. Using many case histories the author shows how, although synastry is important, possibly of greater importance is the aspect between the two planets within their cycles because that can dictate the timing of key moments in a relationship. She shows how the degree of the original conjunction between the two planets (‘the degree of passion’), based on the time of birth can indicate the kind of the people we are attracted to and the course a romance can follow. A really absorbing book which will prompt hours of research.

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Weight 420 g
  • ISBN 13: 9781902405810

Michele Finey is a professional astrologer and hypnotherapist based in Melbourne Australia. She classifies herself as a modern psychological astrologer.

Interested in the planets from an early age, Michele began teaching herself astrology in 1980. She has presented her astrological research throughout Australia, in the US and via webinar. Her feature articles have appeared in a large number of publications including Dell Horoscope, Wellbeing Astrology Guide, The Mountain Astrologer and the NCGR Journal. She is the author of Solar Fire’s Health and Wellbeing Report and two books, Secrets of the Zodiac (2009) and The Sacred Dance of Venus and Mars (2012).

Each year Michele publishes a comprehensive 32-page astrology calendar and every month a free astrology newsletter which is sent to over 500 subscribers.

A member of the Federation of Australian Astrologers since 1985, she is also a member of the Association of Professional Astrologers and the Cosmic Intelligence Agency (Agent 36).

Michele enjoys all aspects of her work and with several planets in Virgo and in Scorpio, she has a particular passion for research.