Surfing your Solar Cycles – A Lifetime Guide to Your Stars

Neil D. Paris


Also described by Ana Isabel as “wearing the right clothes for the right weather.” By tracking your annual solar cycles you can find out what to expect at each point in the year – so if you’re having a tricky Cycle 8 you can be cheered knowing that Cycle 9 will soon be upon you. It’s a fascinating way to use transits of the Sun that is completely suitable for anyone – astrologer or not.  For more insights go to Neil’s author page and listen to his interview with Ana Isabel.

An eBook version is available through the usual online suppliers: Google books, ITunes, Amazon and Nook.

Weight 400 g
  • ISBN 13: 9781902405827

Neil’s book fits into the unusual category of  being completely suitable for both astrologers and non-astrologers. Astrologers will be fascinated to use it along with transits for accurate forecasting, and non-astrologers will find it really easy to understand which cycles they’re in. Neil’s natural style of writing makes for a fun and inspiring read.

He offers astrology for personal and professional empowerment. His exploration of the stars during the last 27 years has launched his career from England to the United States to work as the Resident Astrologer alongside the prestigious Linda Goodman team in California. Neil helped to continue Linda’s work after her death by contributing to ‘Star Notes’, a rare newsletter sent only to her fans worldwide which included her previously unpublished writing, as well as replying to fan letters.

Neil’s regular clients include Members of Congress in Washington DC, Hollywood’s elite, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and people from all walks of life across the globe. You can reach him through his website

 Surfing Your Solar Cycles brings Neil’s universal insight to both the astrologically uninitiated and the professional astrologer alike.

Visit Neil’s author page for links to his book and his interview with Ana Isabel.