Where in the World? Astro*Carto*Graphy & Relocation – Shipping now!

Erin Sullivan


Back by popular demand! This is the reprint of the original version of Where in the World? Astro*Carto*Graphy and Relocation which was published by the CPA Press in 1999. It was produced in a seminar format, which enables the reader to feel part of the lectures, and so relate to the questions coming from the audience.

An expert both in astrology and in world travel, Erin Sullivan has lived in several cultures and made innumerable relocations in her life. Wherever we go, there we are, but more potent aspects of ourselves emerge in various locations. This book explains using the techniques of A*C*G how we experience ourselves in various parts of the world from a person-centred and global perspective. It relates how even a minor a relocation can activate unconscious or sleeping characteristics within the self.

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Erin Sullivan is Canadian-born and has been a consultant astrologer and teacher since the late 1960s. She has lectured worldwide, and led workshops and symposia on many aspects of human development, using mythology, psychology and the rich language of astrology.
In 1989 her work took her to London, England where she was a tutor for the Centre for Psychological Astrology, and the Series Editor for Penguin’s Arkana Contemporary Astrology Series. Her other books are: Saturn in Transit: Boundaries of Mind, Body and Soul, Retrograde Planets: Traversing the Inner Landscape, and Dynasty: The Astrology of Family Dynamics. Erin is now based in New Mexico, USA.