Alex Trenoweth

Alex’s latest book, Mirror Mirror: Famous People and the Actors who Portayed Them, is making waves amongst astrologer and film fans alike and has attracted some great reviews. Films gain an added dimension when you look at the three-way – yes THREE-way! – synastry of the actor, the person they are portraying and the release of the film. Do the casting agents use astrology? We’ll never know, but something magical happens for sure when the right actor get the right part. Check out Nadiya Shah’s interview with Alex on that very subject as well as her many other interviews and podcasts –  links are on her author page.

Since writing Growing Pains, Alex Trenoweth has travelled across the globe—from the UK to the US to South Africa, India, Australia and very soon, South America—lecturing on the topic of astrology and education.

Her passion for teaching difficult adolescents, her sound research based on statistical analysis on pupil behaviour, a keen eye for observation as well as a deep love of astrology all contributed to her being voted ‘Best International Astrologer of the Year 2015’ by the Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology in Kolkata, India.

She may be in frequent demand at astrology conferences around the world, but she remains happiest in the classroom.




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