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Karmic Connections – The Birthchart, Karma and Relationships

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Companion volume to Patterns of the Past. This book explores the relationships we have in this life and their connections to previous lives. Includes visualisations and many case histories.

Judy Hall

Judy Hall

Sadly Judy is no longer with us, but her life’s work continues to support and sustain us as we investigate our connections with each other. A traine...

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Do you have some unfinished business this life time with someone else? Relationship karma carried over from the past can completely dominate an individual’s daily life, so much so that questions of personal growth must be put on the back burner until this obsession or never-ending series of interactions reaches some kind of mutual closure. The karma of unfinished business can be seen astrologically by comparing the two individuals’ horoscopes, with the lunar nodes and outer-planet-to-inner-planet connections showing the exact nature of the unfinished business that needs to be resolved. This brief explanation of unfinished business is only one of the many variations in relationship karma described by Judy Hall in Karmic Connections, a fascinating methodology for interpreting the birthchart.
Many astrologers refer to karma when discussing the dynamics of personal relationships, but very few books offer any systematic insights into specific configurations. Karmic Connections is the most comprehensive text available since it covers karma as a concept, karma as seen in the natal chart, and karma as a tool in chart comparisons (synastry). The author’s astrological expertise is augmented by the information she has accumulated through twenty-five years of practicing past-life regressions. The fundamental premise here is that every significant relationship in your life is the result of previous liaisons, meaning shared experiences in past lives. People reincarnate to meet again for many reasons, and the list provided by the author is in itself a fascinating glimpse into human nature.
One item on this list is that of soulmates, although two people who feel they are soulmates may not have an easy time of it or even have a sexual connection. The natal chart shows what we expect to find in relationships, with Venus and her placement and aspects to it determining what the individual expects to find in this lifetime. The chapter titled “Individual Expectations” gives a complete delineation of Venus, with the most comprehensive interpretations given to Venus aspects to the outer planets. These outer-planet links are the connections that specifically refer to what the soul has experienced in the past.
Included as an equal player throughout Karmic Connections is Chiron. Chiron-Venus aspects show the individual was hurt by love many times in the past. The many pages of Chiron interpretations scattered throughout these pages make this a special reference for anyone looking for excellent Chiron material.
The chapter covering the relationship houses offers outer-planet interpretations for the third, fourth/tenth, seventh, eighth, and twelfth houses, with Chiron given as much ink as Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. All the interpretations describe the whys of the chart, why people relate to specific individuals according to the nature of their previous lives as reflected in the planetary aspects. Whether or not one accepts reincarnation, the interpretation conveys an accurate feeling-tone of the various placements and aspects, and these can be directly applied to immediate circumstances.
Another key interpretive symbol is the lunar node axis, and the author devotes an entire chapter to this subject. Karmic Connections is the kind of book that makes you want to pull out all your charts and compare what you find with the material in the book. Why did this relationship not work out? Why did this child get along with one parent but not the other? Is this person my soulmate? What problems or blessings can my sister expect when she gets married? All these kinds of questions can be answered by inspecting the natal configurations and comparing planets between charts. The lunar node connections are often a major factor, with the South Node showing strong patterns continuing from past lives, and North Node connections showing inevitable growth opportunities and generally favorable ties.
The strongest connection between two charts, according to Hall, is the Double Whammy. This is when two natal planets form mutual links to the same planets in the other person’s chart. For example, Alice’s Venus squares Ben’s Pluto, while Ben’s Venus is conjunct Alice’s Pluto. In the chapter on “The Karma of Interaspects” we find that the Venus-Pluto aspect shows a deep, desperate need for love, and huge issues around manipulation, dependence, and abuse. When the aspect goes both ways (the Double Whammy), the challenge is to love without possessing, and letting go may be a major task in this life for both souls to face together.
Karmic Connections is filled with case histories to illustrate the various points involved. Whenever difficult connections are described, the author also presents the way out or the awareness needed to evolve in soul growth. Psychological terms are another part of the mix in Karmic Connections, and these are fully explained and illustrated by case histories. Karma, astrology, psychology, and relationships: this book is sure to become a favorite reference and learning tool for intermediate to advanced as well as beginner astrologers.
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