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Relationships and How to Survive Them

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Relationships are and always have been the greatest of human mysteries and the chief source of both our joy and our suffering. Astrology offers many profound insights which can help us understand why we become involved with particular individuals, and why we sometimes enact compulsive patterns which work against our conscious wishes and expectations.
The two seminars in this reprint of the CPA Press original, although different in focus, both explore the enigma of relationships from an astrological perspective. The first seminar explores relationship through the composite chart, examining the ways in which this “third” entity carries within it a particular pattern of development independent of the two individuals involved. No existing work on composite charts examines the subject in such psychological depth. The second seminar discusses the archetypal dilemma of the eternal triangle: why we become involved in triangular relationships and what factors in the horoscope might suggest a predisposition to this kind of relationship dynamic. Triangles have been the subject of great literature and art throughout history, and while no relationship experience causes us such conflict and suffering, no human experience is so common and familiar to us all.

Liz Greene

Liz Greene

Liz Greene has been a professional astrologer for nearly sixty years. She holds doctorates in both psychology and history and is a qualified Jungian a...

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