Pandora’s Box: The Mysterious 8th House

Martin Sebastian Moritz


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Pandora’s Box: The Mysterious 8th House is a 360° analysis of the 8th house, the place in the chart which includes sensible issues like death, debts, possessiveness, entanglements, sexuality or boundary crossings. It links the somewhat fatalistic Hellenistic view of ‘descent into the underworld’ with more modern psychological interpretations of shadow work, transformation and resilience. The deeper one digs, the more complex this house becomes, and ancient and modern approaches complement each other rather than contradict themselves.

With biographical examples of fascinating personalities like Jane Goodall, Kaiser Wilhelm II, Truman Capote, John Dee, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and Adolf Eichmann, the book is complemented by a detailed chapter of planets in the 8th house, 8th house rulership factors in the chart, and transits to the 8th house. Martin Sebastian Moritz’ book is both entertaining and insightful, a good read that will challenge any level of astrologer – particularly those in the thrall of the 8th house.

Includes a Foreword by Lynn Bell

Weight 350 g
  • ISBN 13: 9781910531587