Kris Jenner was born on 5th November 1955 in California and is best known for being the mother and business manager of the Kardashian sisters. With her Sun in Scorpio in the second house it’s not surprising that Kris may have always had her eyes set on power, a luxurious lifestyle and beauty in all its varied forms. The Virgo Ascendant equips her well for managing the Kardashian clan, although with the perfectionist tendencies of this Earth sign it’s easy to see how she could be persuaded to enhance her looks by plastic surgery and cosmetics.

Jenner wasn’t always the centre of attention in reality TV, starting out as a flight attendant for American Airlines. A Midheaven in Gemini suggests someone who needs constant stimulation and activity so this kind of job would have suited Kris. Different locations and people from all walks of life. An office job wouldn’t have cut it! It’s also worth noting Jupiter in her 11th house suggests someone who was always destined to be the leader of the pack. Add a Pluto conjunction and it begins to make sense why she is now in a position of immense power surrounding her family empire. The Matriarch of the Kardashian clan.

Certainly raising four children in her first marriage to Robert Kardashian gave her some of those Pluto qualities, however it was when she met her second husband and fellow Scorpio Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn) that she started to exercise that Scorpio passion for control. Kris began managing her husband, booking him in for PR events and interviews, giving him support to excel in his career as an Olympic athlete. A 10th house Moon in Cancer would have aided her here as the Moon is in its rulership in Cancer, meaning that Kris would have felt compelled to nurture not only her own career but someone else’s. People with this placement tend to be attached to public image and success, both of these being on Kris’s agenda for herself and as became apparent; her entire family.

Fast forward to 2007 and we find Jenner knocking at the door of Ryan Seacrest’s office pitching the idea for a new TV show revolving around her family. A Mercury/Neptune conjuction in action here communicating the seed of an idea. We also see Uranus in Leo in the 11th bringing flashes of unique and original ideas to the forefront of Kris’s mind. A detrimented Mars in Libra despite being weakened, still delivers that final push and drive for the show to become a reality. Note that Mars is also trine her South Node and sextile her North Node. Both positive aspects suggesting Mars is strong here in taking scattered ideas and channelling them into a focused vision. Seacrest is persuaded by Kris’s charm and the first airing of the show takes place in October 2007.

Premier of Keeping Up With The Kardashians

The first episode aired on Sunday 14th October 2007 with the Sun in showy Libra. How appropriate then that it sits in the 5th house of Leo; the sign of performance. Gemini on the Ascendant sets the tone for the chart with its curious and chatty nature, making a trine to the Sun. This aspect works well as it relates to acting and popularity. Very relevant to the Kardashian values. The Ascendant’s ruling planet, Mercury, sits in the early degrees of Scorpio, suggesting a need to create drama on the world stage. Being in retrograde it could suggest that it took time to dig up compelling story lines for each episode. The first 3 episodes focus on smaller events within the family such as modelling photo shoots and the day to day running of their clothing store DASH. Mercury went direct on 2nd November and from then on the story lines were much more elaborate. Trips to Las Vegas, Kim’s first Playboy photo shoot, as well as pregnancy scares were included.

After the success of season 1 Kris of course signed the whole family up for season 2, however that’s a chart for another time. Much of how the TV show came about was based on Kris’s clear eye for opportunity. Venus square Pluto in her chart implies someone who has no problem manipulating people for her own self interests, which in this case was most likely financial gain. There are scenes in the show where her daughters feel her management skills are too controlling. This is that aspect manifested and it appears that she has learnt to balance this better as her family has grown up.

The grand water trine in the TV show chart is rather symbolic of the closely knit circle that is the Kardashian – Jenner clan. This trine is made up of Mars in Cancer, Mercury in Scorpio and the North Node in Pisces. What could this mean? An exaggeration of emotions, a need to be overly motherly in a group dynamic? We can see some of that coming quite strongly through one of the daughters called Kloe, who happens to be a Cancer Sun. The North Node in Pisces suggests a slightly deluded view of perfection, however it could have provided the vision of what the show went on to become. The idealistic presentation of fashion and family.

Within all of the emotional water energy we also have a grand air trine, which possibly dilutes the emotion, yet also brings some clever thinking about the best way to achieve her goals. A trine between the Ascendant and the Sun displays a confidence that is bound to come across well. A Libran Sun ensures plenty of beauty and style. So we have two major concentrations of air and water. A show surrounded by strong feelings and social engagement that ended up being a runaway success thanks to an ambitious Scorpio mother.

Fast forward to 2020 and the Kardashian brand is in question with regards to the youngest daughter Kylie’s financial situation. Born a proud Leo but with a shady Scorpio Moon it isn’t too far fetched to consider that Kylie might have learned some tricks of the trade from her Mother. Sun, Mercury and Venus are all in her 8th house of joint ventures. Mercury and Venus both in Virgo suggesting a hesitancy to show the whole picture. With Kris having Virgo and Scorpio in major parts of her chart it’s no surprise to find reports of them both panicking over the situation.

Secrets and manipulation only take you so far and with the astrological line up this year everything is being dug up for all to see. Kris may have had great ambitions for her empire but she may only now have realised that there is a limit to how much you can sweep under the rug before someone notices. 

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