Drake is a Canadian rapper, and Scorpion is his fifth album. It only came to light last year on the ‘Emotionless’ (Capricorn) track that he did in fact have a son and was only keeping him a secret (Scorpio) to keep him out of the media. Over a year later I’ve decided to go back and look at the chart for day the album was released, as well as Drake’s chart. More specifically I want to investigate if the album release chart shows us if it was also the right time to reveal his son, Adonis, to the world.


Drake was born on the 24th October 1986 in Toronto, Canada and as we can see his Sun is in early Scorpio at 00°33′. He is truly a man of secrets and intense emotion, which is evident in his music. He also has this vibrant, playful Leo Ascendant, which sets him up well for a life on stage performing in front of the masses.

Drake’s Moon is in its domicile in Cancer in the 11th house suggesting a need for emotional ties to groups and causes. It’s no surprise then that Drake set up his own record label to bring in new talent. A home (Cancer) for his artists to come together and share ideas (11th house).

It should be noted that Drake has two grand water trines alluding to a rich and deep inner emotional life, greatly amplified by his Moon being in the sign it rules. The different energies within the grand trines that include Pluto and Venus explain the dark and brooding nature of his music. Many people have berated Drake’s music for coming across as whiny and overly moody, observing that he tends to play the victim when talking about his relationships. These are all water sign traits in one form or another. On the flip side water signs can be incredibly creative and sensitive to the needs of others.

Drake’s Descendant is in Aquarius ruled by Saturn which is in Sagittarius and has a square to Jupiter in the 7th, which suggests he may struggle to stay committed in relationships and this is certainly true with the amount of women he’s coupled up with. Maybe they haven’t allowed him the freedom he’s looking for and through his emotional Moon he expresses that in his music. Saturn in Sagittarius suggests he struggles with excess and limits. Could it be that he wants to commit but wants to keep his options open? Saturn also symbolises the father and Drake has mentioned numerous times in his music about the absence of his father as he was growing up. Being in Sagittarius it could also suggest a father relocating away from his son.    

In the grand trine Jupiter is in its rulership and is received into exaltation by reception with the Moon in Cancer. It’s interesting to note that the 7th and 11th houses are involved in this grand trine as they represent our approaches to groups of people and relationships with them. Both the Moon and Jupiter are in rulership so their energy is more focused than usual. Drake’s Moon in Cancer could indicate his need for adoration and love from his legions of fans that attend his shows. Jupiter in the 7th indicates the give and take nature of Drake’s relationship with the crowd. He gives them his time and energy on stage and they in turn give him the recognition he’s chasing after. Drake’s OVO record label along with his clothing brand of the same name demonstrates his need to form some kind of cult or faith with his fan base. Faith is a Jupiterian theme and Drake may feel he needs his fans to follow his own brand in order to get closer to them. If we all believe in Drake’s way of life then our relationship with him becomes stronger. So how does Venus operate here? Venus is about self-love, so being in Scorpio he is maybe being very harsh on himself and possibly resentful of the love he missed out on from his father. Through it’s reception with Jupiter it’s possible that some of Scorpio’s obsessive and probing tendencies are muted. The Piscean energy that exalts Venus could help Drake be more compassionate and sympathetic in his relationships. The energies of the signs are most likely trying to find a balance with Pisces, unaware of boundaries, and Scorpio constantly setting them. Drake’s relationships may reflect this. A notable aspect is Drake’s Sun/Pluto conjunction as this tends to show someone who isn’t afraid to reinvent themselves, however this aspect can also reveal power struggles and an all-or-nothing approach to life. The former is certainly true as it’s been commented on by artists in the music industry that Drake is able to spot new musical trends, and jump on key songs before the genre comes into the spotlight. Clearly this is someone who observes and is sensitive to the ever-changing musical landscape. This Sun/Pluto aspect is also about a struggle for recognition particularly from the the father. Drake’s father has a history in music being a drummer in a band, so right from the start Drake could have been fighting for his father’s acknowledgement of his own music. Currently Drake’s father is accusing him of making up lyrics about his absence in Drake’s life in his early years. Could he have fabricated a story of a neglectful father to make him pay attention? Certainly not beyond the realms of possibility for a Scorpio to cause some drama!

Scorpion Album Release

Scorpion was released on the 29th June 2018, well into Cancer season and as we can see in the chart the Sun is sitting in the 4th house of Cancer at 07°23′. To start with we have Pisces on the Ascendant (ties in nicely with his Jupiter in 7th) ruled by Jupiter in Scorpio in the 8th house of secrets, indicating the need to delve into the basis of one’s own faith, as well as to shrewdly assess people and situations. Something that has served Drake well in his career thus far.

The album is split into two discs pointing towards two sides of Drake’s persona. Particularly relevant with a Pisces Ascendant and Neptune in Pisces right under the Ascendant at 16°27′ retrograde. Neptune and Pisces offering the illusion of who Drake might be. Is he a singer or a rapper? The first disc is all rap, the second singing. The retrograde pointing to Drake’s own inner experience of the planet. Does he even know who he should be?

Following on from Jupiter in Scorpio, Mars rules Scorpio and in this chart sits in the 12th house of enemies in Aquarius at 09°11′, also retrograde and conjunct the South Node. Drake talks about enemies frequently on his albums. Maybe he’s struggling with how to handle people who don’t see reality the way he does, or possibly demons from the past?

So where does his son appear in all of this? Drake talks about him on three of the album tracks, starting with ‘Emotionless’ and following on with ‘8 Out Of 10’ and ‘March 14’. ‘Emotionless’ echoes a detrimented Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto, so these are deep waters to explore. The actual song however talks about Drake feeling emotions, so is writing his way of bringing the emotions to the surface? The chart for the album also shares a grand water trine so it’s almost impossible for the Moon to hide any emotion for long. What’s also interesting is that in his natal chart there’s a Sun/Pluto conjunction and on the album chart it’s Moon/Pluto. It’s as if he can’t escape the pull towards those depths of feeling.

As mentioned earlier the Sun sits in the 4th house of family and Mercury is just next door in the 5th house of children at 29°55′. Both point to reasons why Drake could pour emotions about a son he’s kept quiet, while treading cautiously. He has a right to be wary, especially when rapper Pusha T (a Taurus) released a track titled ‘The Story of Adidon’ that discussed Drake’s yet to be exposed son. So it seems the Scorpion tail came out on this album. Mercury is at an anaretic or critical degree in this chart pointing to a potential crisis or turning point. Mercury is about the mind, communication and thinking, so it’s a highly appropriate planet to focus on regarding Drake’s mental state.

 Saturn is the final dispositor, using traditional rulerships. Certainly while listening to the album one feels the air of responsibility that Drake now carries. Perhaps emotional responsibility for the way he discloses his son, Adonis. With Mercury and Venus both in Scorpio Drake has to be careful not to become too passionate and overwhelmed by intense feelings. Yet with Saturn in his 4th house along with Mercury he may wrestle with accountability and try to structure his lyrics in a way that doesn’t appear reckless.

Altogether it didn’t seem a particularly bad moment for Drake to tell the world about Adonis. At the time of release there was a mixture of Capricorn and Cancer, which could be interpreted as wanting to express your emotions but doing it in a structured way. But how much do you reveal? Both signs are prone to closing off so there’s a fine line, yet with Pisces on the Ascendant and Jupiter in the 8th house it was possible that Drake was influenced to ask the question, “where do I go from here?” It seems exposing his reality to the world and digging up some secrets was his only option. 

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