Astrolocality Astrology: A Guide to What it is and How to Use it

Martin Davis

An excellent book suitable for astrologers of all levels, now in its revised form. Martin is highly regarded in this area of astrology, and he gives clear explanations at every stage, so that by the end of the book the reader is able to understand and interpret the sophisticated techniques of ACG and Local Space for themselves.


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Welcome to the revised and updated version of Astrolocality Astrology. In the 15 years since the original version was published, the world has shrunk and computer software has dramatically improved. It is now easier than ever to access astro-mapping software and so quite literally seek out the best places for holiday, work, relationships – you name it. This revised edition includes the fascinating case histories of Edward Snowden and  Ronnie Biggs, and it is also organised in a more reader-friendly format. Enjoy.

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In the course of his work as an engineer, business consultant and sportsman, Martin Davis has travelled widely and lived in many different countries. He is a well known lecturer and practitioner in the area of locational astrology and his energy and enthusiasm for it have encouraged many others to investigate the subject further. Martin’s books Astrolocality Astrology: A Guide to What it is and How to use it, and From Here to There: An Astrologer’s Guide to Astromapping are on the reading list for many astrology schools and are highly regarded as important tools for understanding this fascinating technique.


Astrolocality Astrology: A Guide to What it is and How to Use it by Martin Davis, The Wessex Astrologer Ltd., 4A Woodside Road, Bournemouth, BH5 2AZ England, 2014. Softcover 182pp $15.99 (£13) (ISBN 9781902405933).

Available from any online bookseller.

This is a revised version of Martin Davis’s classic book on locational astrology published in 1999. Astrolocality Astrology offers a complete explanation and demonstration of techniques that relate to our experience of place. The two primary methods are Astro*Carto*GraphyTM (ACG), the groundbreaking technique developed by Jim l.ewis, and Local Space (LS) maps, initially conceived (and programmed) by Michael Erlewine. ACG maps, undoubtedly familiar to many readers, are comprised of 40 lines (that pair the ten planets and four angles).

Davis describes the structure of the map, piece by piece, affording the reader a deep understanding of this popular tool for finding one’s place in the world.

The author provides a similarly thorough description of the theory and technique behind LS charts and maps. LS, which is similar to Feng Shui, describes directional alignments on Earth related to planetary pathways, which are determined from one’s birthplace (or from a relocated place). In practice, LS and ACG can be used together, with LS fine-tuning the ACG maps. A further distinction is combining LS and ACG, which leads to what the author calls “destiny points” or “bi-parans”, another fascinating application. A third technique, the Geodetic chart, is explained as well, with admirable clarity about the chart’s meaning and use. All of these techniques are demonstrated with many examples of mundane maps and events, including several from the author’s life, which has featured lots of traveling and living in various locations.

This is a beautifully produced book, with nearly 80 charts and maps, an Index, footnotes, and extensive Appendices that contain essays by pioneers in the field. The new material in this – “prompted by the deeper knowledge that time and experience bestow” and edited for “a more comprehensive flow of ideas” – includes case histories of fugitives Edward Snowden and Ronnie Biggs.

The content of this wonderful astrology book is innovative and brilliantly explained. If you missed it the first time around (or even in 20 14 when this edition was published), scoop it up now to add an invaluable resource to your library.



Reviewed by Carole Taylor for the Astrological Association Journal, December 2014

This is a revised and updated version of an already interesting and informative book, originally published in 1999. In the intervening years astromapping software has become increasingly sophisticated and mainstream, putting this material literally on the map, and it is in no small part thanks to the work of Martin Davis that these techniques have become so widely known and used. As Nicholas Campion observes in his Introductory Comment, ancient astrologers paid a great deal of attention to horizon, landscape and geography as earthly reflections of celestial phenomena; Astro*Carto*Graphy and Local Space techniques are an important missing piece of the jigsaw which together “restore the divinatory link between time and space. He goes on to say: “Martin Davis’ eloquent exposition of both techniques provides a comprehensive and welcome account of one of the most significant developments in modern astrology.’

lt is a view with which I completely agree and I am encouraged to see this book being republished – it is exciting to see this material updated and reissued for a new generation of astrologers to take up the happy task of integrating the astrology of place into their work.

The reader could not be in better hands, Davis having studied, practised, taught and lectured extensively on astrolocality techniques for 25 years. The book covers Astro*Carto*Graphy and Local Space, pioneered by the late Jim Lewis and by Michael Erlewine respectively, to whom Davis pays homage in the Preface of the book. Both of these techniques are fully explained, using chart examples and showing step-by-step how to apply them in practice, with notes on how to combine information from both ACG and LS. There is a distinct focus on Local Space, which merits three chapters covering first the basics, then Local Space charts and maps, and thirdly Local Space as astrological ‘feng shui’, applying the technique to home or office space, or to one’s local area. There follows a chapter on Geodetics, the technique of mapping the zodiac onto the Earth’s Equator, with 0 degrees Aries coinciding with the Greenwich Meridian, such that each zodiac sign of 30 degrees becomes associated with a 30-degree segment of the Earth. It’s an intriguing (and relatively ancient) concept – as the author points out. The Taurus Mountains in Turkey are located around 30 degrees East of Greenwich, thus coinciding with 0 degrees Taurus on the Geodetic world map! The geodetic picture is completed with the addition of lines across the map which track the rising degree associated with the position of the meridian at each location on Earth, thus giving each location a specific geodetic signature and, with these fixed rising and Midheaven degrees for any location, it is possible to construct a geodetic chart by inserting one’s own planets which shows, as Davis explains, what the earth does to us at a given location.

Finally there are several appendices with useful cook book interpretations for planets on ACG lines (by Jeff Jawer), Local Space directions (Michael Erlewine) and Local Space Lines in the house (Angel Thompson), plus additional articles by Michael Erlewine and the author on various aspects of Local Space, making this book a combination of experienced voices.

Although astrolocality techniques can be initially a challenge to understand and master, the effort is well-rewarded, and this book is a must-have for anyone who is interested in learning and using them. The book is well organised and the techniques clearly explained, with two brand new chart examples, that of Edward Snowden and Ronnie Biggs, to provide additional illustration.

In sum, this is a well-researched book from an expert in this branch of astrological practice, whose knowledge is rooted in extensive client work and teaching, not to mention extensive


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