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The Consultation Chart: A Guide to What it is and How to use it

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This small but powerful book describes how to use the chart set for the moment the client arrives for the consultation. It includes esoteric, traditional and psychological delineations.

“Getting a professional astrology reading usually involves a full discussion of the natal horoscope. The astrologer explains the natal dynamics, and then can make a forecast based on transits, progressions, and other techniques. A variation or addition to this procedure centers on a horoscope created for when the client and astrologer meet, known as the consultation chart. According to astrologers who use this method, the consultation chart is an entirely practical method of dealing with a client’s immediate situation and the potential development path. Wanda Sellar’s The Consultation Chart explains the basic procedure using techniques derived from horary astrology. The moment when the client and astrologer meet contains enough relevant information for the astrologer to discern and intelligently address the client’s most pressing problems. As in horary astrology, the client is represented by the Rising Sign, its ruling planet, and the Moon. The conditions surrounding these indicators tell the astrologer what’s most important to the client in the present moment. Whether it’s a relationship gone sour, interest in a new job, or pending health challenges, the client’s concerns are reflected in this present moment and can be seen in the planetary patterns of the consultation chart.
In her introduction, the author states the importance of intuition in delineating the consultation chart. While her interpretation rules have a long tradition and are very precise and rigid in the scope of what can be described, Sellar urges astrologers to be open to their more psychic promptings. How this plays out in practice doesn’t become clear until the last quarter of the book in the “Case Histories” section. Until then, the techniques for reading a consultation chart are explained in a step-by-step format. For those already familiar with horary astrology rules, the first three-quarters of The Consultation Chart can be quickly scanned. Beginners will find a concise study guide and reference to explore the full potential of this fascinating technique. Knowing what happened in the recent past, and being able to see what is about to happen, is reflected by the planets separating and applying to the client’s ruling planet and the Moon. A number of qualifying factors must be considered, such as when early or late degrees are found on the Rising Sign.
After these considerations, the next section details each of the planets by exploring their mythological history, their significance to the psyche, the esoteric value, and the meanings of the planets in each of the signs. One of the key differences between these descriptions and what is available in more modern texts is that traditional horary rulerships apply here. For example, Saturn rules both Capricorn and Aquarius, Mars rules both Aries and Scorpio. In the “Case Histories” section, the reader finds out how to use these horary rules in the consultation chart.
While the material found in the first three-quarters of her book can be found in other references, and is not particularly extraordinary, the “Case Histories” chapters reveal the full potential of the consultation chart. Examples from the author’s personal files are used to show how career, relationships, health, and afterlife visitations can be successfully examined. Each case is given about two pages of treatment and includes an illustration of the relevant horoscope, the astrologer’s deductions, and, invariably, the client’s surprise at the accurate insights and relief at the prognosis. How does she do it?
Case after case, the consultation chart is examined according to the rules established in the first three-quarters of the book. But something else is going on here, and this seems to be the author’s psychic ability, which she describes more modestly as her intuition. For example, in one case the astrologer told the client that her friend’s husband would die in about two weeks. The deduction was based on an adverse square between the husband’s ruler and the ruler of the eighth house of death. The two-week figure was derived from the fact that these two ruling planets were two degrees apart, meaning two degrees equals two weeks. Then, in another case, a separation had occurred one month previously, and this deduction was based on the ruling planets being one degree apart. Where is the rule telling us when degrees mean weeks, months, or years? Sellars uses the formula established by William Lilly’s centuries-old manual Christian Astrology, but then goes against it when deciphering a timeframe for an illness. She sees that the Moon separates from Mars by three degrees and guesses that the condition had been around for three years, rather than the prescribed three days. To explain this exception to the rule, Sellar says it just felt right, and advises astrologers to mix art with reason, as Lilly had also advised. The concluding “Case Histories” section is rich with advanced astrological material, far beyond what can be found in the first three-quarters of the book. The health section alone could be expanded into an entire book, and is filled with the astrological correspondences between planets and health conditions. How does the astrologer know when the twelfth house refers to the client’s feelings of isolation, or when the client owns a large dog, which is also ruled by the twelfth house? The answer lies in mastering the techniques, and then using these to psychically tune into the correct answer.
Some astrologers will find the chapter on spooks an interesting departure from what can normally be read from a horoscope. At this point the difference between technique and insight stretches to the incredulous, but remains entertaining and educational.”
Chris Lorenz – Dell Horoscope

“Accompanying the client into the consultation room are his hopes, dreams and aspirations….” All this enters into the moment an astrological consultation begins, and this vital birth moment (which also includes the astrologer) is packed with information – provided you can analyse its chart. Now the president of the Astrological Lodge, Wanda Sellar, has written that much-needed exposition on the Consultation Chart, (the chart drawn up for the moment an astrological consultation takes place).
Until now there has been no sole modern reference work to help an astrologer interpret the moment of consultation satisfactorily. While many practitioners use this method to deduce the issue and ambience in and of a particular consultation, a working manual on the subject was overdue. With her first-rate knowledge of traditional horary rules and expert experience of contemporary medical and psychological counselling, the book is packed with information and shows how to blend together the best of ancient and modern to create a system that really works.
For an astrologer to focus on the real reason behind a client’s call need not require hours of complicated astrological considerations and strictures, but it does require a few knowledgeable hints and a reliably modernised look at the old rules and correspondences. This book lays out in clear and individual detail the relevant associations of the Personal planets, the Social planets, the Outer planets, the Houses and so on as they might fall on a consultation chart. The chapter on the meanings of the planets in the Houses (all combinations) is a particularly full and useful addition and separates the physical, psychological and spiritual possibilities.
But The Consultation Chart is not all theory and reference. The Case Histories section is one of the clearest and liveliest of its type you will find. Varied, short and to the point, the many real-life examples illustrate how the system works in practice, and there is surely no better way to learn. Many short examples can be worth more than one or two lengthy analyses because you rarely tend to re-read the latter. So these concise example charts are easy to return and refer to. The Case Histories are divided into sections headed ‘Career’, ‘Health’, ‘Relationships’ and – wait for it – ‘Spooks’. Astrologers have to be prepared for anything when they throw open their doors to clients and although relationships, money and health are the big three where most people’s lives are concerned, Wanda has also used the Consultation chart to glean information on those who have passed on. When information is sought by a client on a dearly departed family member or even a troublesome ghost, many astrologers might feel that this was no longer their province. But rather than circumvent the issue or give in and pack off the client to a medium, the accuracy of the Consultation chart reading can address the problem head on and provide the comfort and reassurance that is sought.
The Case Histories continue with advice on using natal and consultation charts together, and on reading the ‘turned chart’ – when a house cusp representing the issue (i.e. children for the 5th) – is turned to become the new ascendant.
When an astrologer of rare ability writes from the knowledge of her personal involvement in a subject it is always worth reading, and this book makes you want to do a consultation chart straightaway. So here is that valuable rule-book for combining horary and psychological techniques together, written from the fruits of direct experience.
Review by Paul Newman

Wanda Sellar

Wanda Sellar

Wanda Sellar is an internationally renowned, professional astrologer with over 30 years experience in client based work and teaching. She holds diplom...

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