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Classical Medical Astrology - Healing with the Elements

Classical Medical Astrology – Healing with the Elements

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This book is a translation of the original (Dutch) brought about by the overwhelming demand of his English speaking students. Books have been written about herbs with a little astrology added, outer planets with a little naturopathy added and about the astrological symbolism of body parts & functions. But none of these are really about classical medical astrology: practical diagnosis & treatment on the basis of charts. Medical astrology has always been an integral unity of astrological diagnosis & treatment based on planetary positions. This integral & seamless unity is the central theme in this book which picks up the thread of the great tradition which ended temporarily in 17th century England. It is now undergoing a revival as modern astrologers rediscover the authenticity & value of the classical techniques.

Oscar Hofman

Oscar Hofman

Oscar Hofman lives in Gorinchem, The Netherlands and practises all the branches of traditional astrology: medical, natal, electional, horary and munda...

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